Steam Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning Services

LK Cleaning Services provides professional steam cleaning for upholstery and cleaning of surfaces as a means of disinfecting surfaces. Our latest equipment and trained team use the steam cleaning in removing all dust and grease that build up on surfaces which are also effective on kitchen units, floors, and tiles. It is proven that steam cleaning is more hygienic than using harsh chemical sprays and is eco-friendly. The steam equipment can remove mold build-up from grout in tiles. However, over time, grout can be damaged, cracked, and begin to crumble. This can make it difficult to clean the grout properly and we would strongly recommend you re-grout the tiles.

  • Steam cleaning is chemical-free since it uses pure clean water only.
  • Steam cleaning is a whole new level of cleaning since it sanitizes the surface and deodorizes without harming upholstery or surfaces.
  • It thoroughly and quickly cleans making cleaning an easy job and less time is spent on site.


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