General and Deep Cleaning

General and Deep Cleaning

LK cleaning services are specialized in general and deep cleaning. We do post-construction deep cleaning, move-in/move out cleaning. We also deep clean offices, showrooms, and other commercial and residential spaces. Our general cleaning includes cleaning of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room are washed and wiped with the help of basic cleaning products, like detergent, water, disinfectant, and toilet cleaners. Furniture is wiped and dusted and floors are vacuumed and polished

Deep cleaning for bedrooms includes:

All electrical installations, stains on walls, dust removal from curtains, dust removal from window grills, glass cleaning, shelves cleaning, vacuum mattresses, vacuumed carpets, and steam clean floors.

Deep cleaning for bathrooms includes:

Walls cleaning, mirror cleaning, steam clean floor, steam cleaning bathtubs and sanitizing, scrub showerheads, disinfect faucets and doorknobs, stain removal on tiles, basins, and all bathroom fitting.

Deep cleaning for kitchen includes:

cabinets and shelves wiping and dusting, sink and drying counters cleaning with anti-bacterial solution, wipe down appliances and furniture i.e. refrigerator, cooker, microwave, wipe doors and windows, steam clean floors.

Deep cleaning for outdoor include:

Cleaning of balconies and outdoor patios, outdoor furniture, and other decorative items are dusted and wiped.


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